Jayse Hansen is a pure geek. He’s also a freelance designer working remotely from Las Vegas, NV for film and television. He has built a solid reputation as a creative-art director for print, web and motion design with clients ranging from Symantec, MTV and Fox to Northrop Grumman and the US Department of Defense. His latest work has been in the specialized ultra-niche area of fictional UI (FUI) and data design for feature films such as 2012, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Avengers.

When not creating futuristic stuff he likes to chill with his girlfriend Chelsea, and his fur-child, a cuddly ewok-looking cocka-bijo-shipoo named Bella.





Inventing Interactive – Newest in depth interview on an awesome UI design site
The Creators Project – interview about screen design
Pushing Pixels – in depth about my work on films
ProVideo Coalition
– About using Adobe goodness on the HUDs
Greyscale Gorilla – about creating the dimensional city displays for the HUD in C4d.
The Next Web
– Interfaces for film, holographs and other cool stuff
– all about the VFX in Avengers – scroll to ‘Screen Graphics and HUDs’
Noise Industries
– Interview about my work on Rise of the Planet of the Apes


Comic Book Movie - A Look behind the Avengers User Interface Designs
GizmodoA look at all those over-the-top interfaces in The Avengers
The Airspace
- Under the HUD: Discussions with Avengers’ HUD designer
I Am Da Shet – The Avengers Interfaces
Vector Vault
– Vector Graphics Assemble!
Design Superstars – Stunning UI Design Examples from The Avengers
Typ 3d- UI Design For Film with Gmunk and Jayse Hansen
IO9 - See the Avengers finale through Tony Stark’s eyes!
Nerd Approved – Up Close With The Avengers HUD Designs
- The Avengers HUD graphics by Jayse Hansen
Abduzeedo – UI Design by Jayse
Might and Wonder – Rise of the Apes
CG Record
– Rise of the Planet of the Apes Screen Graphics

Some non-screen related, old Pre-2005 work is here


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