Screen UI Design

Wall Street II – Medical Illustration

I created an organic animation of cancer growth in C4d, complete with undulating cells and growing arteries.

Wall_Street_II_3d_lookDev_01_jayse_hansen Wall_Street_II_3d_draft_jayse_hansen Wall_Street_II_3d_draft_03_jayse_hansen Wall_Street_II_3d_draft_02_jayse_hansen

Below are the typical change requests I got from editorial and director Oliver Stone via G-Creative. The real challenge was in building a rig that could grow organically, crawl along the uneven (and animating) cell-floor-surface, climb a mutating hero growth, and yet also be easy to modify with extreme precision when needed.


Here are a few stills from the final renders
Wall_Street_II_3d_composite_01_jayse_hansen Wall_Street_II_3d_composite_02_jayse_hansen Wall_Street_II_3d_composite_03_jayse_hansen

Screen design, modeling and animation for G-Creative Productions
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