Screen UI Design



I designed and animated several different types of glass screens for Motorola’s various new commercials via Cantina Creative. These are a bit of a fun departure for me, because they don’t have any real world research. The direction was: “Just come up with something cool.” The VFX/compositing/Capsule/ship was done by the awesome team at Method Studios.

07_shipStatus_jayse_hansen 06_radar_jayse_hansen 02_dualCore_jayse_hansen 05_Processor_gyro_jayse_hansen

These ship designs are from the game Vendetta, which was the featured game of the commercial.
03_Ship_jayse_hansen  04_geoChemAnalysis_jayse_hansen

The following screens were done for the more traditional ‘software’ versions of the spots. What software? Something consumer that looked like it could be on a tablet  – but also in a crazy spaceship, haha. I’ve never seen a calendar done like this, so I thought it’d be cool.

A typical Weather app, with a nod to AccuWeather

I’m into network and complexity mapping – so the following seemed appropriate for mapping a person’s social network. Of course all my Cantina buddies’ names are in there. verizon_software_SocialNetwork_jayse_hansen

These white versions were my first stab at the screens when colors weren’t determined yet. I still like ’em for how simple they are.

W-Red_Screen_05_Radar_jayse_hansen W-Red_Screen_04_Analysis_jayse_hansen W-Red_Screen_03_Nav_jayse_hansen W-Red_Screen_02_Weapons_jayse_hansen

Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Animation
Designed for:
Cantina Creative and Method Studios

Creative Director: Stephen Lawes
Cantina VFX Producer: Sean Cushing