Screen UI Design

Transformers III Type Design

I was busy on another film at the time, but I managed to design a series of 5 original Cyrillic pixel and super-pixel fonts for use for onset playback interfaces in Transformers III for my friends at iSolve. For ultimate playback design flexibility, these specially designed fonts can produce faux-Russian from English words, or you can paste ‘real’ Russian from various sources. It’s the only font series I know of that work both ways.

The Cyrillic alphabet is super sexy to me – so these were a joy to work on.

I also designed a 5 pixel-high font that was used everywhere since, including Avengers and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. And a micro 4-pixel high font – as well as a 3-pixel high super-pixel font. (The only one I know of that’s ever been tried.) Super-pixel fonts use strategically placed grayscale pixels to fake anti-aliasing. As you can see below (bottom-most font) – even at just 3 pixels, it’s surprisingly readable. If you squint. And have good eyesight. Useful for micro-data and interfaces on small handheld devices. 



Designed for iSolve Inc.
Transformers III is © 2011 Paramount Pictures