Screen UI Design

Avengers – Maria Hill’s Tri-Up Displays


Similar to Fury’s layout, Venti Hristova (Cantina’s VFX Supervisor) and I discussed what Hill would have on her screen. She’s much more hands-on with the ship. Although she’s not flying it – she does have the master flight control layout when she wants it. She can also control various aspects of the Helicarrier – all from her touch displays. The design carries over from Fury’s designs – but the tri-up is one that elements can slide from one screen to another – so I gave them interface elements that tie the three together along the base. The center radial is an always-present radar sweep that shows necessary information that surrounds the Helicarrier. Below shows the base UI, and then a UI with various elements activated.

Some details from the A screen and the sub-Sensor (video) data panels.



The bottom panels could expand up into more detail when needed. 

Details from the center – ‘command’ screen



Designed and Animated for: Cantina Creative
Marvel VFX Supervisor:
Janek Sirrs
Stereo Supervisor:
Wes Sewell
Cantina VFX Producer:
Sean Cushing
Cantina Creative Director:
Stephen Lawes
Cantina VFX Supervisor:
Venti Hristova
The Cantina team and I all worked super hard on this film under the guidance of the always awesome Venti Hristova – and became a family of crime-fighting friends for life. So I just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow Cantina peeps here:

Cantina’s badass Design and Animation team
Jonathan Ficcadenti
Alan Torres
Navarro Parker
Sang Shin
Asuka Ashizawa
Takashi Takeoka
Sarah Blank
Lukas Weyandt
Leon Nowlin

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