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Storytelling, Fictional UI & data design for Film & TV.

Screen UI Design


  • jayseInterview
    I’ve been deep in a few projects I can’t talk about now – but wanted to tell you I’ll be speaking at CGEvent in Moscow December 1st,...
    27 November 2012 // 7 Comments
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    Check back, as I’ll do some design breakdowns here. I’ll leave it up to you. If you have any questions about design process, research, working with directors...
    23 May 2012 // 26 Comments


Always up for Mai Tais and Midori Sours! And or talking endlessly about how dots and their connecting lines will one day rule this universe.

Also, I'm available for freelance, usually remotely from my office in Vegas.

e-mail: jayse [[at]] jayse.tv

work inquiries: 702-321-3449

Thank ya! I can't answer every e-mail but I do love reading them! If this is a work enquiry, I will get back to you shortly.